info - opensight blog migration

We are migrating the blog

info - opensight blog migration
Photo by Luca Bravo / Unsplash

Today some internal news on our behalf

we are in the process of migrating the blog from wordpress to - roman huesler

Key Benefits will bring us some benefits

  • Insane Performance
    Out of the box Google AMP Integration. Very good performance in comparison to the current wordpress setup
  • Markdown Blogging
    Good write-flow and focus thanks to a strong focus on markdown
  • Simplicity and Design
    Less Clutter - means also less stuff that has to be updated and less stuff that can break
  • Other
    Native Rest API, Native SEO Integration, Open Source

Blog Language and Traffic

As we see much more traffic on the blog pages in english, the german version will be dropped for now and we'll be focussing on the english version